Apps and environments used in my research



I read/use/write cross-platform algorithms and applications with Python, C/C++, and a little Fortran, especially high-performance programming of C++ and Fortran with MPI and OpenMP.

The list of my favorite or customized softwares/tools/websites/tool-chains is as follows:

Normally, I develop code on VS2015/VS2010, test on MinGW-w64, Intel Parallel Studio XE, and Xcode, and run on Linux cluster using GCC or Intel C compilers.

Here are my main configuration notes for building multiple coding environments.

  1. Coding under Windows 10

    1. Coding C/C++ with Visual Studio

    2. Coding C/C++ and Fortran with Visual Studio and Intel Parallel Studio XE

    3. Coding C/C++ and Fortran with CLion and MinGW-w64

    4. Coding Python with PyCharm and Anaconda

    5. Use the same Git version for both MSYS2/MinGW and Windows environments

  2. Coding under macOS

    1. Coding C/C++ with Xcode and Clang

    2. Coding C/C++ and Fortran with CLion and GCC

  3. Coding under Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat). Since I often use Linux server without graphic interface, here I will list some useful notes/tips of configuring libraries/software/database etc.

    1. Install MongoDB Community Edition from source code on Linux without root user

Writing, Reading, and Typesetting


Reference management

File share and synchronization